micro P3 Express

This workshop is organized by P3.express, Innovategy Oy and StartHub.

What: 1-day micro.P3.express workshop

When: 09th of October, 2023 - 8:30 to 16:30

Where: StartHub - Mukkulankatu 19, Lahti


Startups are all about creativity: building something people would love. However, instead of creativity, a large portion of the time of the people in any startup is spent on managing the work, which is a pity!

The management of the work can be simplified by using a well-formed project management methodology instead of reinventing the wheel and creating one by trial and error. Using a methodology saves you time and mental energy, which you can spend on being creative and productive and increasing your chances of success.

The problem is that most people fear project management methodologies because they think they are too complicated, and they are usually right! micro.P3.express, on the other hand, is a complete yet straightforward and minimalist method that you can learn in a day or two and start using immediately. Doing so gives you a competitive advantage in the complicated startup ecosystem.

micro.P3.express is a flavor of P3.express. P3.express, which is the main methodology, is for small, medium, and large projects but not for micro-projects or mega-projects. micro.P3.express fills that gap for micro-projects (those with approximately 1 to 7 people). When your startup succeeds, and you grow beyond 7 people, you can gradually move from micro.P3.express to P3.express.

During this one-day workshop you will understand how to:

  • Identify the decision-makers
  • Identify hats: Investor, Userm Creator, PM
  • Create a common understanding of the project
  • Create a deliverable map (deliverable overview)
  • Value of peer reviews
  • Value of focused communications
  • Weekly planning and follow-up
  • Dealing with issues and risks

Who is this for?

Students / Junior Project Managers:

  • Quick start in the profession
  • Key project management skills
  • Confidence in interviews

Experienced Project Managers:

  • Use a minimalistic project management system
  • Ready plan for the start of a new project
  • Practical tools to educate the team
  • Order in running projects

People involved in projects with less than seven people

This event is FREE of charge but requires registration by email

Send an email to: [email protected]

Instructor: Frank Turley

Frank Turley's PicturePosition: Co-Founder, Trainer & PM Activist @ P3 Express

Frank is on a mission to help aspiring project managers gain practical experience. He does this through his writings, sample projects, tips, and innovative ways of teaching the PM methodologies.

Frank is co-creator of P3 Express which is a lightweight approach to project management and make project management easy to teach, learn and use. He is also a trainer for PRINCE2 Foundation, Agile, Scrum, and ITIL4 Foundation. Frank's mission is to change the way the world learns and practices project management. He achieves this through practical PM trainings with P3.express, sharing training material, sample projects, and highlighting the most important PM techniques.

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