About us

Creating Tomorrow's way of innovation Our Vision: "Creating tomorrow’s way of innovation by creating tools, methods, and platforms that revolutionize innovation execution and shape a better future for all."

Innovategy Oy is more than just an innovation execution company. Based in the heart of Lahti, Finland, we're a team of passionate individuals driven by a shared vision: to create tomorrow's way of innovation. Grounded by our values, expertise, and commitment, we strive to create tools, platforms, and methods that are not only revolutionary but also have a profound positive impact on society.

Our Approach:

Innovation isn't about random sparks of genius—it's about systematic creation and execution. Our approach stands out because we don't just imagine; we execute. By undertaking real-world projects from diverse global origins, we're not only expanding our horizons but are also learning, growing, and evolving. Every challenge we face strengthens our methodologies, every culture we interact with enriches our perspective, and every success story adds to our legacy.

We are:

Member of StartHub

Member of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät)

Contributing 1% of our revenue to fund carbon removal

Sponsor of PMI Finland Chapter

Sponsor of DREAM

Updated at: 2023-09-15.